Well it’s National Poetry Writing Month, and I participated yesterday,  April the 1st by writing a poem called “Bereft”. I will post it below.


Choppy waves
Emotions boiling up like the rolling seas
Cutting through my heart as if razor sharp flint
Or a leaden weight which sinks to the depths of the abyss
Sinking the ship of my love for him
His voice cracks with pain
I am leaving another bereft once again
Third time’s a charm they say
But three was not my magical number, and we are
A couplet separated into singles.

W. Spencer

I signed the papers for a divorce yesterday, to divorce my third husband.  So that’s the background for this poem.

I am excited to participate in NaPoWriMo. I hope to look at some of the poetry written by others this month posted here on WordPress. I’ve been studying the book, “Understanding Poetry” by Brooks and Warren, and let me tell you, I love love love it! After a few months of dry poet’s block, “Understanding Poetry” was exactly what I needed to whet my appetite and get my brain rolling once again. It’s inspired me to write, and a few days ago I wrote another one called, “Bringing the Dawn,” which I will post with a bit of background in a different post. I’ve also posted “Bringing the Dawn” in my portfolio at

I have almost 200 poems written to date, and IMO some of them are quite good, even of a bit unpolished. But more on that and on those as the month continues on.

Now if someone could help me figure out how to post links and whatnot! Perhaps the assistance of my technology-savvy daughter would be helpful. Then readers could see the book I am working from, and link to Inshallah, God-willing, in the future!


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