It’s been two years

It’s been 2 years since I wrote anything in this blog.  I’m a little iffy because I don’t know if this blog is public or not…I don’t think it is, but I’m going to write in it anyway.

I’m sitting at home, at my new apartment in Meridian, and listening to KTSY on the radio.  Of course, it’s a radio app, because I don’t actually own a radio!  Yes, that might be good to invest in one…maybe, we’ll see.

I’m an “investigator” into the Mormon Church.  The what?  Yes, you heard me right, the Mormon Church.  As a result, I’ve given up caffeine…and yes, I really have.  The rest of it I’m still working on, but it’s coming along, slowly but surely.  I REALLY like the Mormon faith.  It makes such sense to me, and the people are so NICE; they really live what they believe.  I had a good experience with them when I was in prison.  In fact, I have had a good experience with them since I looked them up in 2012, and toured the Mormon temple.  I had the Sister Missionaries come visit me then, and they have been awesome ever since.  I’ve had four sets of missionaries…one at Bannock, then no one at Onaga, then one set at Antietam before prison, and one set after prison…and now the Sister Missionaries here at Sawtooth.

(Gosh, I really can think of a lot to write about.)  I guess I’ll just have to piece it off, little by little.

Anyway, the LDS.  I prefer the “Mormons” but they themselves call themselves “LDS”. That’s okay, whatever.  I’m good with everything.  Adonis has been spending a lot of time with me this summer, since I got out of prison, and he has been my little Church companion.  He likes going to Church…in fact, I think he loves God, because he is the one that asked me about God and Church and Jesus and Mary and all that when I lived at Antietam.  Of course, Chelsey was all paranoid…”Oh, I don’t want to teach him about religion because….blah blah blah.”  Basically, my overdosing both the kids when they were small made them both anti-religion.  Boy, did that backfire in my face!  Well, nothing I can do about it…anyway, Adonis wanted to know about Jesus and God and Mary, etc., so I told him.  He loved it!  So now he is my Church buddy.  We have been to church twice, and he’ll be back before school, and he will come visit with me and we will go to Church again.  This time I’ll put him in the primary class, and he can be with other kids his age.  I think he’s really going to like it, but I am by no means shoving religion down his throat!  Not my kid and not my place!  I will, however, guide him as Chelsey will allow me to.  I think he likes it and needs some guidance, anyway.  I’m glad to have a little buddy go to Church with me.

I moved to Sawtooth Village Apartments in Meridian, Idaho.  Basically the corner of McMillan and Linder, in Meridian.  Whew, I’m way out here!  But there is a Fred Meyer close, and a Walmart, and a Walgreens across the street, and of course they are buidling more stuff, so there will be more shops around here.  I trust the Lord will put in exactly what I need to be here.  I’m LOVING it here, way out here.  The only problem is that it costs me a lot of money to go back and forth to Boise.  But I don’t have a lot of classes left to do…maybe one more month, but it will probably be longer than that.  I know I have some left in RPG, and I have to finish the mentoring and the testimony for MRT.  I am glad to do it, then I’ll be done and won’t worry about coming to Boise twice a week.  And I have my counseling sessions all set up in Meridian, and the only thing I need to do is get a doctor out here…don’t know where I’m going to do that, though.  I need to…I need someone to give me my crazy meds.  I guess I can go into Boise once every two weeks…although I don’t want to.  But I love my doctor, Dr. Mock!  But I guess I’ll do what I have to do, right? I hate having to go into Boise all the time.  So I’ll try to find someone closer.

I’m doing well with my probation.  It’s nice.  I hope my new PO doesn’t want me to go to AA.  I hate AA!  I have been going to the LDS 12 step meeting, which is nice.  I love those meetings!  They happen at 8 pm on Tuesday nights.  I will go there.  But AA? Not so much…

The thing with online journals, private or not, is that I don’t know who has access to them…so I don’t know who is reading what, and therefore I have some things I want to write, but I am afraid to…ugh.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just deal with it!

I have started fasting.  Oh, you’re not supposed to fast because you’re diabetic, you say! Well I say, whatever.  I can do whatever I want.  It’s fine.  I’m fine.  The fasting is fine. In fact, today is a fast day.  I’m fasting for the purpose of conquering my addictions.  All of them.  With the Lord is the Victory! Oh, and to get spiritual strength as well.  I need it!

Well, I think I’ll end this now and browse around the web.  I hardly get on the internet.  I want it available to me when I want it, but I don’t use it everyday.  Not on the computer, anyway.


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