Little biography of W. Spencer

W. Spencer is a Native American woman, born in Durango, Colorado, and currently residing in Boise, Idaho, where her two children, one grandson, and ex – husband lives. She has been in Boise since 1980. She is an enrolled member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, located in Ignacio, Colorado.

As a child she was taught both Christianity and minimal Native American beliefs, and has pursued studies in Roman Catholicism, Islam, and the Baha’i Faith since becoming an adult. Spirituality has always been an important and cherished aspect of herself, and she believes there are many paths to the One Reality.

Her life’s aspiration is to publish a book of poetry one day. To date she has written close to 200 poems, much of it what might be termed “the darker aspects of mental illness, alcoholism and addiction”. Her poetry isn’t all about the harsh realities of life, however, as her works include love poetry, nonsense rhymes, and other pieces on miscellaneous topics. She doesn’t write political pieces, or on other highly charged and controversial issues, stating, “My name is Wes, and I’m not in this mess!” (And no, her first name really isn’t Wes!”)

The author welcomes you to explore her poetry with an open mind and a loving heart, reminding you that much of it was written during very dark times in her life. Comments and constructive criticism is welcome. You may get in contact with her at

Thank you for reading this.


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