Poem: Pull Me Back

Pull Me Back

You entrap me here with your sweet smile
You enslave me with your voice
Your eyes they pierce my soul to its core
Was loving you ever my choice?

Who can withstand your seductive gaze?
Who can resist your touch?
How will I ever break free from your grasp?
Why do I love you so much?

Your voice so sultry, whispering love
Your promises all are a lie
My faceless lover, you ravish my soul,
Then bite me, making me cry.

Why cry for you?
Why lie for you?
I pray I never
Die for you.

My mind is breaking, I need to leave
My heart is blackened by sin
Just as I begin to walk out that door
Your devil eyes pull me back in.

W.  Spencer


Poem: Broken

Reality Broken

Spirit, broken
Soul, broken
Beyond repair?
Don’t know.
Promises, broken
Hearts, when
Did all this
Madness start?
Glances, broken
Bones, broken
All alone.
Mirrors, broken
She dies,
Why did I
Believe the lies?
Vision, broken
Mind, broken
Young, broken

W. Spencer


Written after I had been drinking and using for a couple years, after I left my second husband, was in the process of divorcing him, and was beginning to feel my brain crack due to prolonged exposure to drugs and alcohol. I was broken, yet still alive…