Poem: 3-Some

This poem is one of my favorites.


Uncle P loves to play with me
Uncle H loves feeding me cake
Both make me smile
Then we laugh for a while
And see what a 3-some we make!

One Uncle tickles my belly
While one tickles under my chin
And both Uncles tickle my fancy
Then we do it all over again
Oh what a 3-some we make, we 3
Yes what a 3-some we make!

My Uncles are dark and lovely
Both handsome as pure gold
Both are so fine
And both are all mine
So see what a 3-some we make, my boys
Yes what a 3-some we make!

W. Spencer


Untitled Snippets

Sometimes little bits of poetry come to me and I write them down. Sometimes they turn into longer poems, and sometimes they stay just bits. Here’s some from 2012:


Untitled Snippets

I am yours
In a way that I am no one else’s
I give you me
I’ve given myself fully to you
Shall you take
Everything to you that I offer?
It’s my heart
Pumping with life I present.

Delicate, like a rose
I behold your exquisite beauty
The dark lines of grace
Run through your delicate frame
Your mind, vastly unexplored
Shines out like a radiant star
Your light is a beacon
Which beckons me come.

Love and acceptance
Not necessarily in that order
Each point to the other
Leading it forth.

You fill me with joy
Between us, our
Silent gestures of love
A hand to the wrist
Assuring me of your presence
A hand to my breast
Signals to you my devotion
I blink my assent
When you ask for my heart.

Can you see it?
That light shining up from the bottom
Peeking around in my heart
Illuminating all the dark corners.
It brightens up
All the secret nooks
   and hidden crannies
Radiates out
Pouring forth sun on us all.

W. Spencer
January 2012

Poem: Closer

One of my favorites!



Someday you will know it is you that I own
My plaything to do as I wish
And wherever you go you are never alone
I’m as close as the pulse on your wrist

Come closer… Breathe
Come closer… To me
Come close now your lips I will kiss

All through your waking I find you breathtaking
This canvas I fill with your grooves
Don’t you know who you are, you’re my own private star
I memorize all of your moves

Come closer… To me
You’re closer… I see
Your body I’ll put to good use

At night when you’re sleeping it’s then that I’m creeping
Up closer, I’m longing to touch
Your face looks so placid, your limbs are all flaccid
The ache that I feel is too much

Come closer… I need
You closer… I breathe
Your scent in,  it fills me with lust

Now that I have you, surprised you and grabbed you
I’m taking you straight to my home
When we get there I will brush out your hair
It’s the last thing that you’ll ever own

We’re closer… You see?
Much closer… To me
My plaything is never alone

W. Spencer
January 27, 2012


Absolutely delicious. Thanks for reading it. Tell me what you think. There’s a story and a background to the narrator of the poem. I’ll post it if you are interested. This is one of the poems that has a rhythmic cadence to it that is much better recited by the author. My Sexxie Exxie calls poems like these songs or lyrics, but this one technically isn’t. It’s just has good rhythm and timing if recited right.