Poem: Pull Me Back

Pull Me Back

You entrap me here with your sweet smile
You enslave me with your voice
Your eyes they pierce my soul to its core
Was loving you ever my choice?

Who can withstand your seductive gaze?
Who can resist your touch?
How will I ever break free from your grasp?
Why do I love you so much?

Your voice so sultry, whispering love
Your promises all are a lie
My faceless lover, you ravish my soul,
Then bite me, making me cry.

Why cry for you?
Why lie for you?
I pray I never
Die for you.

My mind is breaking, I need to leave
My heart is blackened by sin
Just as I begin to walk out that door
Your devil eyes pull me back in.

W.  Spencer


Poem: Dirty

This was written in 2007, very shortly after I picked up the needle again after 9 years clean from meth. It’s a using poem,  obviously. I will say no more about it, letting it speak for itself.



Hit that shit
Yeah hit that shit
Is it gonna be a fast one
or a slow
creepy crawly one?
Hit that shit

Mix it up then
Draw it up
Hit that shit
Tie off
Slap it if you need to
Bring up that blue vein
And hit that shit
This is what you’ve waited for
Hit that shit
Then lay back and let it
Ravage your body
Hit that shit

Bevel up when you
Shoot it up
Hit that shit
Don’t want your tie
Too tight and the vein blows
But nice and easy
And hit that shit
Feel it come up to the top
Of your throat and swallow
When you hit that shit
Yeah I’m lovin it
Hit that shit

Some may think it’s dirty
But really is the cleanest way
To hit that shit
To get the drug into your system
So you can
Rush and rush
And rush

O yeah that feeling
That comes over you
A drug-induced orgasm
That rips through your
Veins through the
Cardiovascular system
And brain
It fucks you up so
Hit that shit one more time
Feel it in your body
With every beat of your heart
More and more
So hit that shit

I want you to
Hit that shit
This one will blow your mind if you
Hit that shit
With a quick little pinch I feel it
Hit that shit
Now I’m gonna
Hit that shit

W. Spencer
April 2007


This poem has not been revised since writing it. I know it’s a lot to take in since I just started posting on WordPress, but I wanted to share what my poetry was about. Of course, not all my poetry is about drugs or using, and not all of it was written when I was high. Later on I will post some poetry that has nothing to do with drugs.