Poem: 3-Some

This poem is one of my favorites.


Uncle P loves to play with me
Uncle H loves feeding me cake
Both make me smile
Then we laugh for a while
And see what a 3-some we make!

One Uncle tickles my belly
While one tickles under my chin
And both Uncles tickle my fancy
Then we do it all over again
Oh what a 3-some we make, we 3
Yes what a 3-some we make!

My Uncles are dark and lovely
Both handsome as pure gold
Both are so fine
And both are all mine
So see what a 3-some we make, my boys
Yes what a 3-some we make!

W. Spencer


Poem: Bringing the Dawn

Not all my poetry is darksome and about pain, demons, or addiction. Here’s one recently written about staying awake all night,  something I love to do, even without meth.


Bringing the Dawn

At early dusk she laughs with painted glee:
“I’ll stay up all night,  myself awake the dawn! ”
A midnight stroke and what is it that we see?
Eyes wide open, narry the slightest yawn.

” A lovely night, so fair, so fair, ” says she.
” A cup o’ Joe to help me stay awake. ”
Two hours pass, what is it that we see?
Alive and pert, a beautiful breath to take.

At half past four, the morning hours wee
Creep closer, our sweet sun to soon arise.
Another glance to find now what we see,
A healthy yawn to play with half-mast eyes.

Now seven a.m. we peek again to see
A weary face and lowly drooping head.
” The sun is up, the time is right, ” says she,
“The perfect time for me to go to bed!”

W. Spencer